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Australia is a land for the TOUGH, so that’s probably why it started of as a penal colony aka a big island prison for convicts. Lethal killers abound, or crawl or slither or float or dive…take your pick, mate. Scorpions hide beneath rocks across the continent, great white pointer sharks devour the occasional human in South Australia, salt-water crocodiles and box jellyfish stalk fishermen in the Northern Territory, the poisonous blue-ringed octopus waits on the reefs, and the venomous funnel-web spider lurks in the gardens of suburban Sydney. And as if that weren’t enough, Australia possesses more species of venomous snakes than any country on earth. (by the way, ALL snakes in the sate of Tasmania is poisonous). The “champion” of all poisonous snake in Australia, and also the world, is the Taipan snake which is considered 50 times more venomous than the cobra.

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Funnel-web spider
Funnel-web spider

Taipan snake
Taipan snake

Great White Pointer shark
Great White Pointer shark

Saltwater crocodiles
Saltwater crocodiles

Others in the dangerous short-list
Others in the dangerous short-list


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