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The Stereotypical Australian Males

The world has the perception of the "typical " Australian've probably imagined him already: tall, sunburned, probably blond and blue-eyed, short on words but long on ability to sink the stubbies (i.e. get drunk) with his mates, unhurried ("she'll be right, mate"), an enemy of pretentioness, and unreconstructed in his chauvinism. The stereotype exists, of course, but few Australians can be quite so easily categorized these days !

Nevertheless, over the course of Australia's history, laiden with male machoism and heroicsm, spawned the Australian legendary male archetypes of the Aussie Bushman, the Digger (Soldier), the Lifesaver, the Swagman, and more recently the Footy Player.

[see also Aussie Gentleman vs. British Gentleman]


The Aussie Bushman
The Aussie Bushman

The Aussie Lifesaver
The Aussie Lifesaver

The Aussie Digger
The Aussie Digger

The Aussie Swagman
The Aussie Swagman

The Aussie Footy Player
The Aussie Footy Player


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