If you thought the trucks back home were BIG and DANGEROUS, you have just gotta see the Australian ones found in Outback Australia. The monstrous Australian "Roadtrains" travel across the narrow highways of the Outback - it's really an achievement trying to overtake one of these. Just make sure you find a dead straight road that goes on for miles...

A Roadtrain is a transport unit consisting of a prime-mover (or tractor - depending on where you are from) and TWO to THREE trailers connected by means of a converter dolly(ies). This configuration is the "norm" throughout northern Australia, and are referred to as "doubles" or "triples", and can be between 36.5m and 50m in length. Under special permit, it is allowable to run two normal trailers and a `B-double', which consists of a normal full-length trailer and a special lead trailer which has a turntable mounted on the back. These configurations are known as "A-B Quads" and are limited to 53.5m total length. Only in mines and on private roads are roadtrains of greater length allowed.


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