Click to enlargeCradle Mountain–Lake St. Clair National Park, Tasmania

Part of Tasmania’s World Heritage area, this national park of rugged mountain peaks and high moorlands is one of the great landscapes of Australia. This is Tasmania’s most famous wilderness area. Moraine lakes, expansive heathlands, breathtaking mountain vistas, good walking trails and the chance to spot wildlife like wallabies, echidnas or wombats makes this one of Australia’s best walking areas. The six-day Overland Trek, through the length of the park, is considered the ultimate Aussie “bush-walk”, although only experienced and well-prepared hikers should attempt it. Cradle Mountain NP and the neighbouring Walls of Jerusalem National Park are part of a great highland plateau, rising from the western and southern coasts, sprawling across two-thirds of the island. Bearing in mind that Cradle Mountain generally receives no less than 261 cm of rain each year (i.e. it rains a lot, mate), this should not deter you from not trying to see the unforgettable outline of Cradle Mountain reflected in the clear waters of Lake Dove. It’s magical, matey. By the way, Lake St. Clair located elsewhere is the deepest (200 m) body of freshwater in Australia.

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