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Australia – the land “DOWN UNDER”, is one helluva big place, mate! Australia has a land area of 7,600,300 sq. km (2,965,150 sq. miles) but that doesn’t tell you much nor give you a feel of its size. A picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, take a look for yourself.

United Kingdom and Ireland vs. Australia Australia is at least 15 times the size of the United Kingdom and Ireland combined. Ironically, remember that Australia started out as a “penal colony” or the place where the convicts from United Kingdom and Ireland were sent off to in the 1800s. Now Australia is being called in tourism marketing brochures as “the biggest playground on earth”!

Japan vs. Australia Australia is at least 20 times the size of Japan. Japanese tourists just adore Australia as Australia cannot be more different to Japan. Koalas, Uluru, Great Barrier Reef and golf, and lots of open land endears the Japanese to Australia.

United States of America vs. Australia Australia is slightly larger than the United States minus Alaska, but with 10% of the population. Actually, Australia feels like another version of the USA, especially the state of Texas. Everything has got to be big and space is not an issue. Even the city of Perth has been called the “Dallas of Australia”, Sydney the “New York of Australia”, and Melbourne the “Boston of Australia”.

Europe vs. Australia The whole of Europe fits nicely with room to spare into Australia! And that includes making room for England and Ireland. Melbourne has a large Greek population, and has been called the largest “Greek city” outside Greece.

New Zealand vs. Australia Australia’s neighbour New Zealand is about the same size as England or Japan. Hence, Australia is about 20 times the size of New Zealand which has a population of 3+ million compared to Australia’s 20 million. However, New Zealand has the same number of sheep as people! Australian sheep have more space to roam.

South-East Asia vs. Australia The whole of South East Asia will very comfortably fit into Australia. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei can be easily gobbled up.


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